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this machine can mark words or designs with high accuracy on the inside and outside surface of these samples. It also can be used for marking designes on agate stones or other precious stones. Ability to perform barcode,following codes and accepting DLT,SVE,BMP,JPG laser can be piloted either by PC or NOTEBOOK files are some of the unique advantages of these machineries.The powerful marking software of this machine can provide continuous marking of serial and identification number on all the ordered and metal parts too.

Technical Specifications

Laser Power 10 - 20 - 40 W
Workbench Area per centimeters 100 x 100 - 120 x 120
Type Of Laser Fiber
Engraving Speed 0 - 1000 mm/min
Power surce 220 V/10%/50Hz or 110V/10%/60Hz
Software Support corel draw - Auto Cad